Can You Find Love Online?

Online Love

The answer to this question is easy. Yes absolutely. There are stories everywhere of people meeting up on online dating sites or reconnecting from school on Facebook. Is this really any different to what was available before the internet? There has always been dating business and also school reunions. However, it has been made easier with the internet.

Finding Love Online

I make no secret that i found love online, not in the usual way though. My Partner and I met through a Facebook game. I told you it wasnt the usual way. We were both playing a Facebook game where you have a chat box. As we both found ourselves playing the game at the same time, we spoke a lot.

After a few weeks we exchanged friendship requests and got to know each other a little more. We started to realised that we had a few things in common , lived relatively close and that we both enjoyed speaking to each other. The next step was to talk over webcam. Both very nervous the first time we start to arrange to meat up on webcam just to chat, face to face. This continued for a month or so.

The next big step was to arrange to meet. Since we lived about three hours apart, I suggested I travelled up and rented a hotel. We met off the train both shaking like leafs but as we already had a connection their was an instant spark. From that moment we never looked back. We moved in together 4 months later, had our first holiday together to Skiathos about six months after that.

Now ……. we are married with two beautiful children

Love comes to you in the most unusual ways, but when you find it you will know.


I am not going to give you advice for meeting the love of your life, I want, instead, to warn you of the dangers of meting people online. Luckily for us, we met genuine people who didn’t even realise that they were looking for love. We spent months getting to know each other before even committing to a webcam meeting and as long again making sure we knew the person that we were meeting.

Not everyone online is genuine. Please don’t think that you should go around meeting everyone you find online. If you are using a reputable dating site then chances are the people you are meeting are genuine. However, if you do decide to meet up with someone, always make sure you meet in a public place. Ensure you are always safe.

The real moral of this story is….. love will find you in the most unusual ways, but when it does you will know 🙂

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